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How to scroll through a "Book of the family" the story of the one hundred years of activity in the House Nervetti of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, a story punctuated by events in which the passion and love for the work has created a place where professionalism is connected most genuine hospitality that is part of the tradition handed down in the three generations that have lived in this century of life. The first chapter of the story starring Agostino Angelo Nervetti, always known by the slang term of "Usten", born on September 2, 1886. In August 1912 he married Maria Daccò and the following year with an inspired idea abandons the work tinsmith laying the foundations for the future of what will be the activity of generations to come, starting with his wife, a modest resale of slush, ice cream and some groceries in a court house in Via Cavour. With the onset of World War Augustine is drafted and will be Mary who will continue in the small activities. After the war grandfather "Usten" believes that the narrow spaces are no longer adapted to the needs of his family and business. Hence the brave choice to move to larger premises located in the then Piazzetta San Rocco directly Opposite the church dedicated to the homonymous Saint, which is still the current hotel - restaurant. In these new spaces the small business evolves slowly, until it assumed in effect on the characteristics of the enterprise trade with enrollment in 1925 at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. Usten and Mary met the positive trend in the wine bar and tavern, They detect the premises and give the name "Trattoria San Rocco." But all in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano and its surrounding area, identify the trattoria and then the restaurant today, with the name of its founder historic "From Usten". In 1951 with the death of his grandfather "Usten", his son Carlo Valentino takes over with mother Maria in the management of, also supported by his brother Joseph, who in 1958 married Fernanda. Nonna Maria, "regiura" cuisine, and which until now was was the absolute master of the kitchen turns into a viable Fernanda cook which still retains with care and jealousy notes with recipes left by her grandmother Mary, which tells of a simple kitchen, but at the same time accurate and le- gata with local traditions. In 1967 disappears grandmother Maria. The void he leaves in the family, but also between fli loyal customers is great, even today remember with affection and emotion, not only for its culinary delights, but also for humanity and the family relationship that He could be transmitted between the tables of the restaurant or behind the counter of glass. In 1974, Carlo married Sandra, and she also supports Fernanda in the kitchen of St. Rocco. In the early eighties the sons of Joseph and Fernanda, begin gradually to collaborate in the activity. The third generation House Nervetti began. In 1988, Joseph disappears prematurely. Augusto will be the firstborn to take over the management and to support Carlo the hotel-restaurant. The late nineties, Charles Augustus and Antonio decide that it is time to renew the structure for better respond to market demands and the needs of modern hospitality. In this circumstance, and it not without regret, is permanently closed the ice cream bar that for many years had been the point meeting and reference many santangiolini. And 'September 2001 as the inauguration of the new wing of the hotel meant a three star hotel, with rooms and more adequate space to service the facility. Despite the various developments and changes that have involved "House Nervetti" has remained unchanged the atmosphere of familiarity that in During all these years he has always marked the relationship that the family Nervetti has established with its customers and with the Its qualified staff of employees. The hope is that this achievement by family Nervetti is not a point of arrival, but in such a difficult time, can be the incentive to continue to improve, and to know how to find new energy and motivation for the future. Sant’Angelo Lodigiano , 22th june 2013.  -